Tampo printing

Printing on various injection parts in Madiran Plastic Industries factory is done with “padprinter” printing machines and with closed printing system (cup printing).
All colors used are from reputable German and Korean brands such as marabu and grand_ink, as well as printing solvents TPV, TPV2, TPV3, etc. to combine colors from the German brand.
In this type of printing, a silicone pad that has the property of absorbing color removes the design from the stencil and engraves on the piece.

Pillow printing is used in many industries such as medicine, automation, electronics and equipment, sports equipment and toys. Conductive inks, adhesives, paints and oils can also be used. Physical changes in the composite layer on the stencil and pad cause the printed gravure image to stick to the pad and then transfer to another layer (print surface). The unique features of the silicone pad allow the image to be lifted from the smooth surface and transferred to a variety of surfaces (such as smooth, cylindrical, circular, composite angles, textures, indented and protruding surfaces).

Madiran Plastic Industries Factory is equipped with tampo printing technology.

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