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About Us

Maadiran plastic industries are the result of a great idea for self-sufficiency and internal development. We expected Maadiran Plastic Industries to produce plastic parts of Maadiran Office Machinery Industries products. The goal was to reduce the need for imports and to develop an honorable brand of Maadiran. Before the plastics industry, the Maadiran brand introduced major products such as X-Vision LCD monitors and TVs, and then it was time to make the company even bigger. That was where the first idea of Maadiran Plastic Industries came from. A plastic injection factory in Hashtgerd region in a space of 73,000 meters, which was equipped with the latest robots and advanced systems, was the first step of Maadiran to realize this idea in 2002.

Factory development, service development

In 2009, Maadiran Plastic Injection Plant had grown to such an extent that in addition to producing Maadiran’s domestic needs, it was thinking of expanding its range of services. Accurate and calculated investment in the design and construction of the plastics factory made it possible. Therefore, the Maadiran Plastic Industries brand was officially born in 2013. The factory was separated from the Office Machinery Industries and registered as an independent brand alongside other Maadiran member companies.


Maadiran plastic industry is not just the result of one idea, but it is the mother of many ideas. In 1397, the first step of the Maadiran plastic industry to take care of the earth became a big idea called Kisabz. Kisabz is the brand name of Maadiran Group, a high-tech company offering biodegradable plastics. A brand for the future of a society that is not going to struggle with the massive waste problem.


Excel is a brand with the idea of producing key products for home and family. We try to make the Excel brand a reminder of the warmth and security of home. Excel’s first product is a water purifier pitcher, but our version of Excel is bigger and deeper. Excel water purifier pitcher is a simple story of drinking water and an idea to keep the family healthy. A water purifier pitcher is a cheap but safe way to drink healthy water. Excel is a 2.5-liter water purifier pitcher that is produced for domestic consumptions. A product that can turn tap water that has been contaminated along the worn-out pipeline into clean, clear, and healthy water.

Maadiran Plastic Industries Management Team

Human capital is the most important capital of Maadiran Plastic Industries. Maadiran Plastic Industries management team is a team with rich knowledge, long experience, and great ideas. (Management team members introduction column)

Certificates, credentials of Maadiran

Adherence to national and international standards is not just a duty for Maadiran Plastic Industries, but a value. ISO certification assures our customers that all our products and services are safe, reliable, and of high quality.

Customers of Maadiran Plastic Industries

At Maadiran Plastic Industries, we have the honor of working with large and reputable companies and complexes. Label of cooperation with these companies and complexes guarantees the credibility and quality of our services and products more than ever.

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